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Wow – This is Unbelievable – Pictures and Video of the Gulf Oil Spill

Real pictures and video of damage in the gulf due to the BP oil spill.  Wow, this is so hard to even grasp.  I don’t know what to say.


Ron Paul Awarded for Best Legislation Introduced in the 111th Congress

Today Ron Paul received an award from Freshman congressmen for Best Legislation Introduced in the 111th Congress.  This is to recognize his efforts to bring greater transparancy by Auditing the Fed.  He definitely deserves to be recognized for his tireless work.  Thank you Dr. Paul!!!!

Video – David Hendrick – Marine Corps Veteran at Townhall Meeting, Now Running For Congress

June 27, 2010 2 comments

I like the part at the end where he kisses his wife.  Wow, how inspiring.  Thanks for your service!

One Million vs. One Trillion

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To get a better understanding of the difference between million and trillion think of this:

How long is a million seconds?

  • 1,000,000 (1 million) seconds =11 1/2 days

How long is a trillion seconds?

  • 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) seconds = 31,700 years

Make you feel good about the US debt?

One Trillion Seconds


(Picture from

Will the First Ammendment Survive Tomorrow?

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Dear C4L Member,

You have kept the pressure on Congress in order to defeat H.R. 5175, the “DISCLOSE ACT,” and it has worked.

For now.

Nancy Pelosi has canceled today’s scheduled vote on H.R. 5175, but our sources on the Hill tell us Pelosi and her statist cronies are biding their time in the hopes you will forget about their all-out assault to silence groups like Campaign for Liberty and sneak this bill through Congress next week.

It is more vital than ever that we keep the pressure on.  We need to drive a stake through the heart of this bill and make sure it does not rise from the dead.  Remember when everyone said ObamaCare was finished when Scott Brown got elected?

Please take a moment to read the following message and then IMMEDIATELY contact your congressman and demand he oppose H.R. 5175.  Even if you have called one or more times, PLEASE take a moment and send a loud, clear message again today.

– John Tate
  President, Campaign for Liberty

I received the following email from Campaign for Liberty:

If you haven’t yet contacted your congressman and urged him to oppose H.R. 5175, the “DISCLOSE Act,” your action is needed RIGHT AWAY.

Our sources on the Hill say this bill to silence Campaign for Liberty is coming to the House floor this Friday for a vote.

Please read the following letter and take action to stop H.R. 5175 immediately.

– John Tate
  President Campaign for Liberty

June 16, 2010

Dear Campaign for Liberty Member,

Once again, free speech and political liberty are under attack in Congress.  And this time they have a surprising (to some) assailant — the National Rifle Association.

In a minute, I’ll give you links to the sorry story and ask you to tell the NRA and your congressman you OPPOSE the freedom-killing DISCLOSE ACT, with or without the NRA’s deal.

You see, if there is one thing the establishment hates, it is watching its hand-picked candidates be held accountable for their records on liberty issues.

They want their Big Government power grabs to go unnoticed.

After watching some of their favorites go down in flames in race after race these past few months and seeing their statist schemes like Cap and Tax grind to a halt as a result of a massive uprising by liberty-loving Americans, they plan to strike back.
Read more…

Good Clip – An Energy Independent Future

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This is pretty funny.

Support H.R. 4995 “End The Mandate” : Thousands of Pages to Take Away Your Freedom, Two to Get it Back

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Health Care Bill Mandate
Ron Paul has introduced a new bill.  It is very simple, yet amazingly effective.  The entire bill is only two pages. 

Obamacare has passed.  Republicans are rallying to try to repeal it.  Ron Paul has a brilliant idea to simply strike two sections from Obamacare.  Simply allow people to opt out of the program.  End the Mandate!  Do not make it mandatory for people to participate if they don’t want to.

The following is coppied from a post on

Below is the full text of the bill: Read more…