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Map of Galveston County – What Precinct Do You Live In? What is a Precinct Chairman?

Here is a cool map of Galveston County.  This shows the boundaries of each precinct.   In which precinct do you live?? 

Follow this link  http://www.co.galveston.tx.us/PCTS/galv/fullcnty.htm  to view the interactive map.  Click on your precinct to zoom in.

What is a precinct?

  • A division of voters by neighborhood; smallest political unit in U.S. politics. Cities and counties are divided into precinct polling districts, each containing 200 to 5,000 voters and a polling place

What is a Precinct Chairman?

  •  Precinct Chairmen attend execute committee meetings once a month.  At the meetings matters of business within the Republican Party nationwide, statewide, and at the county level are discussed.  The executive committee votes on resolutions, decides which candidates the party should support, and finally votes on how to allocate party funds.
  • Learn more about the position of Precinct Chair (THE MOST POWERFUL OFFICE IN THE LAND) here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=78839

Who is my Precinct Chairman?

What if my precinct doesn’t have a Precinct Chair?

  • At least one-third of all precincts in the nation DO NOT HAVE A PRECINCT CHAIR!
  • IF your precinct does not currently have a precinct chair, contact me!!  You can submit an application to be chairman of your precinct.  
  • IT is YOUR civil duty to stand up and take YOUR country back!
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